INVERACITY "Extermination of Millions" (Unique Leader)

Back in 2005, I had attended a live show the opening act of which was the -unknown for me- Inveracity. Right after the end of their show, I was so shocked that I couldn’t believe those guys were actually Greeks. In fact, this show might have been one of their first ones with their new singer, George, in their line-up. During that show, I found George (vocals) somewhere in the crowd and I proudly asked him to autograph on my ticket. George laughed but it seems that I so seriously meant it that, I suppose, he couldn’t do but autograph the back side of my ticket. The headliners of that show were Mastodon from whom I also obtained autographs. So, between the autographs of Hinds, Kelliher, Sanders and Dailor, George’s autograph is clearly viewable also. He actually had extended the first letter of his name, “G”, forming an inversed cross. So fucking cult! Do not consider this behaviour of mine as childish. Once you listen to the mentioned band, you will possibly see yourselves beyond surprise. Inveracity are fluently among the top-5 best bands born in Greece and I do believe they easily prevail over great names of the foreign scene. Their brutal death metal is of huge dimensions and the band’s players are simply concussive. The divine, short trademark riffs of the band, that are so felicitously placed in the chaos of their music, make you identify the band through a million of other bands. “Extermination of Millions” consecutes the “Circle of Perversity” album which is also fabulous. I bet my own dick that if these guys were supported like similar bands of foreign ground, today the whole world would falter their name. Just buy this shit and, if you have the chance, attend any live show of the band at any cost. The possible cost is the harm of your mental peace. They’re simply flawless.

Miltos XIC

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