LOS NATAS "Ciudad de Brahman" (Elektrohasch)

I remember myself and Yiannis, few years ago, creating the layout artwork for Sund’s “Sundaremalia” and within its notes there was one going like this: ”Hail to Los Natas who honour the tradition of heavy music. Ciudad de Brahman is a masterpiece”. Since then, my opinion for this album has changed only for the better. Los Natas’ cult substance urges you to fall in love with their music. “Ciudad de Brahman” is the ONLY record which can be compared to the releases of indisputable heavy rock (or stoner) heroes, Kyuss. Yeah, that’s pretty right. This album floats in excellent groove which extends in you like some fucking disease, urging you to fucking shake your body or bang your head. The more flaccid moments of this record will make you act in the movement of snake. Always through the heavy prism, of course. Their heat flowing sound ala Kyuss deplenish your whole environment and actually places you in Arizona desert sceneries. Each one of the tracks is spirit erective even if those songs seem to have been built in sheer intoxication and flanerie. The members’ persistance to write and sing the lyrics in their country language (Los Natas’ origin is Argentina) adds carefulness to the whole album’s atmosphere. To be honest, the band never reached such peak again in its next releases but this album is an unending, mesmeric orgasm. Personally, “Alohawaii” and “Meteoro 2028″ are my favourite tracks off of this release but the whole album kicks asses. Los Natas have written some seriously heavy stuff in this, against the verbose nature of most of the bands which interpose in this genre. I consider myself lucky to have been impacted to this masterpiece and I really feel more happy everytime I listen to this. “Ciudad de Brahman” has already made history. Try this. As it seems, Argentina’s outputs aren’t only limited to just good footballers. Well done!

Miltos XIC

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