DEUS IGNOTUS & ABNORM "Reflexions on Nothingness" (De Umbris)

“Reflexions on Nothingness” is a split release between domestic black metal band, Deus Ignotusand French Abnorm. The featured release was printed only in cassete format (150 limited copies) adding to the whole cult element of its substance. My favourite track off of this release seems to be the introducing “Limb of the Orthodox” of Deus Ignotus. More of a minimal, typical black metal song which still impresses after all. Short and substantial. Of course, “Teargas in Heaven” is also a healthy reproduction of black metal music and actually demonstrates a very good riffology. Especially this track’s ending riff is pretty twisted and perverted. “Droned in Hate” follows the abstract normas of a common outro composition. Deus Ignotus finish their duties with an interesting cover of “Impact” track off of Sun of Nothing’s titanic debut album. Their respected imprudence allows them to add a musical lapse of Darkthrone’s classic “Transilvanian Hunger” combining this way two different musical worlds. On the other hand, Abnorm open their side with the instrumental “The Nightwalker’s Journey (part I)” which is possessed by a more majestic feeling and touch. More into death metal, they excrete two more compositions of excellent riffology and brutality. In-your-face ravage. They manage to sound more impressive than Deus Ignotus even if they seem to serve a different genre. Generally, “Reflexions on Nothingness” is a pretty bad-ass release which can satisfy the fans of extreme sound. Hails!

Miltos XIC

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