BRUTALITY "In Mourning" (Nuclear Blast)

Even though the “Screams of Anguish” album is discussed among the band’s fans as their greatest, I’d go with “In Mourning” at any cost. For those who don’t know Brutality I feel pity and mercy. Brutality is a fabulous death metal act that, obviously, plays death metal music the way it should be. Without specific techniques of impression, these Americans deliver their last full-length with nine hymns which have nothing to be jealous of compared to similar super-bands of the genre. I might be considered arrogant but I consider them to be as classic as other, most known bands of death metal music. Brutality’s music bases upon their tremendous riffs which are so impressively combined that an outstanding result comes up. Of course, the lead parts are present where needed and basically color the record’s compositions. The vocals are brutal, not guttural, and wisely some certain echoes are used that way that they add an unholy feeling to the whole album’s atmosphere. The drum themes are simply fantastic. It’s a shame that there are no longer alike bands nowadays and death metal seems to be not possessed by the right legates. This is death metal in its purest form. A record necessary for every well-posted fan.

Miltos XIC

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