This second release of unique Universe 217 isn’t dilated in further surprises than their debut full-length, a review of which can be found at older posts of this blog page. Collaborator Basiliko Entero had written some seriously great stuff about that eventful album, in fact. I’d be fain to add some lines on what senses the band is actually provoking but, unfortunately, Universe 217′s “II” is created with alike pleasant furbidity. The band’s mystagogy may still be unfathomed since these guys probably are of the pioneers of such thud sounds and atmosphere. You can’t just choose their music sectionally since the obvious aim of the band is to make you fully appreciate their obstructive masterpieces once you listen to this in all of its length and order. Therefore, it’s clear that such kind of sounds are somehow newly born and their beauty is yet to be explored. To botch, though, this review I’d say that the music of Universe 217 can be pretty bothersome. Their boozed tunes and constant vocal anxiety benefit the audience’s ignorance which, in fact, can’t stand even a dog’s chance when faced with the band’s grotesque. I’m not really sure if anyone can endure their beautiful croon for evermore. The result, though, of this somehow new excretion is a record stripped of stereotypes and common musical norms with a “below hell” tempo and some striking womanly vocals performed by Tania (one of the greatest recent indigenous talents, indeed). The wondrous world of Universe 217 is here to extend your perception on musical limits. You can still pay a visit if you dare.

Miltos XIC

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