DEMILICH "Nespithe" (Necropolis)

If I’d choose to mention this album’s tracklist, I’d probably fill the empty space due to its prolonged song titles. Besides this, though,Demilich’s only full-length album had ever more to provide than its intriguing song titles. Some may say this is pure death metal. In fact, a guess like this one wouldn’t be that wrong. Fully entwined with the basic orders of death metal, Demilich constructed a bunch of creepy songs. The tempo changes, the shifting riffs, the indefatigable drum performance, all inculcate the audience of fucking DEATH METAL! Fuck all the modern scene. This is the real shit. “Nespithe” is a stressful record with cycloidal compositions, groovy parts and a really doomy feeling. The vocal lines of Antti Bonman remind me of Goat’s (Von) glorious and abyssic performance. As if a real demon sings! And the band’s origin is from fucking Finland. Apart from (old) Amorphis, Demigod and (more recent) Rotten Sound this country exports only shit (in my opinion). I don’t even like Impaled Nazarene or the so called black metal masters of the underground, Archgoat. Fucking pathetic. Anyway, this record was released back in 1993 and it’s really worth of listening for it is really stamped as a classic death metal album. And that’s a perfect opportunity for younger fans to associate with real musical terror.

Miltos XIC

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