BURZUM "Belus" (Byelobog)

Vikernes is here still. Whoever had missed a “classic” Burzum record, then he will surely be pleased with this one. Ok, the atmosphere of “Belus” isn’t that algid as in “Hvis Lyset Tar Oss” or in “Filosofem” albums but the common minimalistic riffing will pleasantly torture your ears. Both “Daudi Baldrs” and “Hlidskjalf” belong to the long past and in this we face a great incision between his “Det Som Engang Var” and “Filosofem” albums. Vikernes also surprises with some of the composures even if sixteen years of his life in prison spent much of his precious time. In “Belus”, you’re going to even listen to some unceasing riff-ology that reminds of the old (good) German thrash metal. As of the rest of the songs, the bass lines define the base and atmosphere over which some high melodic guitar melodies are played. The album invests both in up-tempo (with primitive, so fucking cool blasting) and mid-tempo composures in which the slow rhythms of drums accompany the quick scratching of guitar cords, creating that way the familiar Burzum mood as we’d known it to be. Vikernes is full of promises for the future and possibly he reaches the glory of the past. That is said since he hadn’t the chance, for so many years, to waste his unique style in repeating composures. Probably a comeback to the early 90′s? Truly, I don’t know. I only know that I wish it so much as anything.

Miltos XIC

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