DALA SUN "Sala Dun" (DIY)

The other night it was cold. So very fucking cold, in fact. I’d been to bed too early and my toes were freezing. I couldn’t get used to the frost by no means. Outside the snow was falling soft and the night was white. Today I woke up a little warmer. A coward sun tried to penetrate the chilled ozone. I was run out of cigarettes. I dressed myself up and headed to get some. At my door I found an enclosed envelope sent by domestic comrades, Dala Sun. I bought my nicotine and I entered my apartment once more. I unfolded the package and stared at the cover of “Sala Dun“. Warm, yellow, psychedelic. As if the rays had become hotter. Blood started flowing thicker in me. I surely needed a cold coffee. Rolled the first cigar of the day, then put the record in my CD player. The first notes of “Black Karmageddon” might have brought summer a bit earlier. Dala Sun (means “full of sun”) have probably recorded one of the running year’s top doom albums. In this description I will purposefully avoid terms like “stoner” or “heavy rock” even if this is the band’s intention. Such inspiration! At last, far beyond the so called southern elements that nearly all of the rest of Greece’s bands are dressed with, Dala Sun prove themselves to be kind of messiahs! For sure, there are times that the record’s intoxicating mood references point at stoner (oops! I mentioned it) music but there are also moments like “In Evil” track which brought me in mind the mighty Acid Bath and sludge music’s finest, Ramesses. You can feel the vibes. In fact, if this is the direction they’ll choose in future releases, we may now talk about the birth of a TREMENDOUS band. And I mean universally. That’s a promise. Doom over the world!!!

Miltos XIC

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