BURZUM "Fallen" (Byelobog)

This is the second album created by Vikernes after his discharge and he seems to have been crushed against his own inspiration. That he’s fulfilled with some kind of vision alike to his project’s glorious days it is much obvious. But the pretentious creation of that once black atmosphere fails to show the frisson his previous works did breathe of. Even if Varg keeps doing his demo-like stuff as musical homework, “Fallen” is his first album to date that smells of “new” elements. More clean, more transparent, more feckless. As if he’s entered some studio with expensive material intending to distinguish the old touch of “Belus”, even of “Det Som Engang Var”. The record itself is not that unpleasant. I listened to this many times (believe me) before I make my choice. In fact, the riffs are there, the bass tricks also (even if its ton is recorded at lower volume than this record’s predecessor) and I could say that Varg moves in the right path that he almost recompenses the fans for his ambient musical past which wasn’t that bad at all. I strongly believe that “Hlidkjalf” is still a masterpiece. What’s the real problem anyway? Well, to be honest, I’d have to say that I didn’t enjoy his vocal work. His harsh voice keeps spitting some of the lyrics but when he chooses to sing in clean tone I almost get sick of it. One would say that Varg somehow reveals his Bathory influences and that wouldn’t be wrong. Even if that’s his aim, though, I believe he has failed to be that much convincing. Anyway, the fans will probably appreciate this new Burzum effort even if it’s miles away from Varg’s peerless aesthetics in both music and layout covers. What the fuck is this painting he’s used as a cover for “Fallen” anyway? I’ve got to admit though, it’s suitable to the musical background of the record. Totally up to you whether you like it or not. Varg is here still once more. Just slightly changed.

Miltos XIC

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