RAMESSES "Misanthropic Alchemy" (Feto)

Ramesses are a doom/sludge band from UK. The last five years, I’ve listened to so many groups but even though, Ramesses have been one of my favourite ones. I was totally shocked when I had first listened to their “The Tomb” demo, especially their “Omniversal Horror” track which has a fabulous escalation/advancement. In “Misanthropic Alchemy”, Ramesses keep wandering in alike musical motif with the guitars playing some ultra heavy themes beautifully and smartly harmonized. The, familiar from the first albums of Electric Wizard, rhythm section is ploughing the band’s sound and mr. Greening plays without cease some grand drum themes which fill up every moment the special sound of the band. “Misanthropic Alchemy” is a filthy record that gives the impression to having been recorded live. As regards the vocals of Adam Richardson, sometimes raw, other times cleaner, perfectly fit to the trio’s music. Inside the whole doom catastrophe of Ramesses, one can discern crumbs of old school death metal also. The band, anyway, is influenced by insuperable Autopsy and that may be something to take stock in. The final result reminds me of horror b-movies. Ramesses keep releasing great music and hopefully in few years they will be memorized as a hyper-cult group. They deserve it anyway. Nose them out now that they’re still reaping the musical world.

Miltos XIC

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