MÆ bites the dust.

I feel sorry for this decision but time's not enough to carry on with the weight of that blog page. MÆ deeply thanks all the bands interviewed and hopes to be excused for the cancellation of the rest of the planned ones. However, we're currently supporting a brand new blog, a similar effort in Greek language. Possibly, extracts from MÆ will be used at this new adress, only translated. Thanx to everyone who supported us so far. Of course, the page still remains open for anyone who wants to take a glance.

Miltos XIC.

Featuring Dispirit's rehearsal at Oboroten

Dispirit were created back in 2000 but it took the band ten years to release their first demo rehearsal. This is a project of John Gossard (Weakling, Asunder, The Gault) and the line-up is also filled by Peter Blair (drums), Todd Meister (bass) and N.S. (guitar). This black/doom metal act is settled in San Francisco, California. "Rehearsal at Oboroten" features two long, breath-catching compositions aroused with sickness.

Ixtab's Lure
Bitumen Amnii

Visit the band's site at dispirit.org for further info.
Contact the band via info@dispirit.org to order the demo cassete.

Akercocke - Leviathan

Well, Musikal Æsthetiks opens a new chapter in this blog and at times will post certain tracks which are believed to be of uncompromising strength, passion and endless inspiration. Below you will enjoy a shocking composition from Akercocke, a band which has released masterpieces of art so far. Go on, fellas...

Sunrise is hours away
Precious seconds of life
Drift away
Unnoticed yet perfect
Slowly disappearing
I have found the edge
Have I found the answer?
Truth is my weapon
Your anger not enough
I wish to be alone
With my God
Moving through black waters
I wish to be alone
With my god
Have I found the answer?
The currents ebb and flow
Rising to the surface
From untold depth
Have I found the answer?
The currents ebb and flow
This fragile human condition
And cold necesity of death
Solitary and noble
Clarity briefly

Your breathing
Is my breathing
Your blood
Is my blood
I wish to be alone with my God
I am always part of you
Secret one precious one
Dying a death so tender
Don't fear thy exorcist
Drift away
The currents ebb and flow

MOONSPELL "Wolfheart" (Century Media)

Yesterday I heard in a long time again this beautiful record by Portuguese Moonspell and I remembered my teenage years when I was first introduced in the band's music. Full into the middle of the 90s when the air smelled different than now. The album contains eight great songs three of which are lengthy. The inaugural "Wolfshade" is best suited to enter you in the album's atmosphere and special musical perception of the band which (I may be wrong) apparently borrows late Rotting Christ tactics in rhythmic parts. Besides, the love and respect of the band for the Greek dark metallers is already known (Ribeiro appeared as guest in Rotting Christ's "A Dead Poem" also). Fernando Ribeiro (then Langsuyar) provides with a very dramatic vocal interpretation in the compositions of "Wolfheart". All of the tracks are in English except for "Trebaruna" and "Ataegina", which are in Portuguese, as well as the chorus of "Alma Mater" and "Ataegina". The keys of Pedro Paixão (Passionis) who dressed the compositions with vampyric mood and catchy melodies that stick in the mind forever played a catalytic role in Moonspell's music. A typical example is the keys playing in "An Erotic Alchemy" which is a duet, inspired by and quoting Marquis de Sade. The female vocal is provided by Birgit Zacher and is of a sufficiently operetta style. In the album you will also enjoy the bass themes of Ares (João Pedro) who has written some brilliant lines (in my opinion). The album closes with the now classic "Alma Mater", a song that was particularly liked by fans of the act for its special, uplifting rhythm. "Wolfheart" is the best moment of the band which, despite all these years, continues to release at least decent albums so far.

Miltos XIC

TOMBS "Path of Totality" (Relapse)

I am happy to listen to this bang-up record. You can't imagine how much happy I am and you can't imagine the fire and enthusiasm this band retains either. To start with, I have to say that this is going to be in my top-20 list of the running year without doubt. I firmly suggest Tombs are among the pioneers of this new death/doom/black musical hybrid as it's highly represented by bands like Castevet. Some people even call their music sludge but I'm sure it's way beyond this. I'm also sure that "Path of Totality" must have already achieved the international acclaim of underground circles for Tombs have a lot of challenging and vibrant music in this. You will accede the fact that this record is full of haunting melodies and great performances. Oh god, they should really brag about this! Some riffs are truly menacing and the sound is so beautifully shitty that it can't disappoint any of the fans. If I'd try to praise the record's black metal spirit I might be greeted with indignation by the genre's scholars, though its power is an autosire monster, feeding from its own inspiration. Listen to the "Bloodletters" track which amasses most of the record's compositional finesse and make your own decisions. I already hail this shocking excretion.

Miltos XIC

HYPNOS 69 "Legacy" (Electrohasch)

To be honest with you, I've never been fan of this band. In fact, I had listened spare tracks of their previous albums here and there and I was never impressed quite a lot. "Legacy" was released one year ago and the band seems to see their compositions as a natural transition to a more retro-like feel, in the veins of Uriah Heep and King Crimson. The surprise though is that it really worked! Hypnos 69 pack inspired improvisation and delirious rock beats and release a broken-down, yet focused record. Chock full of ideas, "Legacy" contains heavy riffing but not only that. The incorporated psychedelic tunes are so clinged to the progressive spirit of the record that it's going to bring you in mind the glorious Seventies. The band has taken an elaborate look on their idols and has fired up some kind of beautiful experimentation, elegant and respectable. The sound production is much vintage and the organ use ensues primal rock vibes. There's also flute playing which feels like Jethro Tull outbreaks. Generally, I've got to admit that Hypnos 69 have dodged the trap of just reproducing their favourite influences and despite the fact that it is much obvious from what they are influenced, they've created a really beautiful album.

Miltos XIC

MAGMA "K.A." (Le Chant du Monde)

Magma's musical perception is somehow alien. It's as if they've built a whole musical world the amplitude of which is beyond any common human mind. Their compositions are of a crystallized, yet chaotic nature. Operatic vocals (both male and female) expressed in more abstract forms of course, over a progressive musical sheet provide such an advancement in each song that actually lead to an indeficient sonic result. They are considered as pre-eminently pioneers in the big prog family even though it's very hard to categorize their prodigious music. I stongly believe the band's rhythm section to power the songs they've created, yet the group comprises some of the most inspired and talented musicians of all times. If I were to parallel their music with another act, I'd have to mention mighty Gong whose work is beyond criticism - especially their "You" album back in 1974. In Magma's "K.A." you can enjoy three long tracks which include menacing and dramatic moments. I don't know how much in demand they are but surely Magma have gained a cult following, sometimes supported by phenomenally irrelevant to their style people. Just watch Castevet's mainman, Andrew Hock, and you'll get the point.

Miltos XIC

Universe 217 video clips

Check out three beautifully made video clips by greek band, Universe 217. Somehow a state of art. Support them. Visit their MySpace page by clicking here.

In Your Head

I Don't Give a Damn


As the band claims:
The concept is simple. The very moment, between a choice made, and a deed done. Key to this the repetation of certain ideas and sequences slowed down, or timelapsed.

Download "Four Wall Freedom" by Ruined Families

See, that's a fucking masterpiece! The band itself provides the link for free downloading so we feel we're obliged to support them anyway. For those who love Canadian HC band, Cursed (RIP) or (best HC band ever along with French Kickback) Catharsis...
Modern Man
Sense Pleaser
Basement Rats
Visual Pain
Holy Weight
Temporary Companion
Get this from Mediafire

Ruined Families official blog page:

Timeghoul - Occurence on Mimas

It's about fucking time for you to listen to this shit. Truly one of the most promising acts eve existed. "Occurence on Mimas" will prove this, folks. Give it a try, I please you.

“Transmission 82-09-4
From the imperial archeologist Beznan
On the cadaver world Earth
Concerning data in the fossilized brain
Of the last human being”

Upon the initial strata scan
No brains were found intact
Until the crystallized corpse
Was found in a mineral pool
A male homo sapien, face down, floating flat
Hulking blackened carcass
Fossil anchored to the bottom
With a brain tissue sample using memory chambers’ blood
Paint the research grid regard Earth’s history
Extract the tale of extinction of the timid human race
A titanic war verse a non-indigenous
Alien scourge

Behold Mimas
Shrouded moon of Saturn
Brandishing a crater
The girth of a mountain

Two warring nations
Ecology based on war
Underground dwellers
Infinite conflict

The one race smaller
With a larger frontal lobe
Mastered explosives
Severed their enemies’ world
Like a rotting useless limb
Causing the crater
Now an asteroid
Nomadic home drifts to space
And Mimas died

Earth’s gravity
Beckoned the meteor
Pierce the skin
Of atmosphere
Atlantis sunk
Dinosaurs cease
Landing in the Himalayas

Parasite world
Lie dormant
On the surface man thrived
While beneath him
In the flesh of the Earth
The scourge of Mimas became strong

Through instinct
The hordes from beneath emerged to murder
After the sun had fallen, up through the ground
Like stigmata
Dug through soil like blood
A poison from below
Tainted well spring of the planet
On crooked gait
They conquered, dragging corpses
Into the Earth for food
Remains reemerging, clogging the seas
Alien invasion from within their fortress
The Earth lay siege to home
Valiant struggle against oblivion

Mounted on evolved dinosaurs
Or on human ferocity matched ten fold
Swarms of fiends under the moon
The rapacious season of the dwindling age
Billowing clouds in the sky
Are gasses from the rotting creates of Earth
Cities collapse from below
The dove lies crushed under heavy laden foot
Victory adorns the horde’s sword
But the heaps of corpses poison the world
The soured filth purges the crust’s wounds
And underneath they parish from the blackened bounty
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