TOMBS "Path of Totality" (Relapse)

I am happy to listen to this bang-up record. You can't imagine how much happy I am and you can't imagine the fire and enthusiasm this band retains either. To start with, I have to say that this is going to be in my top-20 list of the running year without doubt. I firmly suggest Tombs are among the pioneers of this new death/doom/black musical hybrid as it's highly represented by bands like Castevet. Some people even call their music sludge but I'm sure it's way beyond this. I'm also sure that "Path of Totality" must have already achieved the international acclaim of underground circles for Tombs have a lot of challenging and vibrant music in this. You will accede the fact that this record is full of haunting melodies and great performances. Oh god, they should really brag about this! Some riffs are truly menacing and the sound is so beautifully shitty that it can't disappoint any of the fans. If I'd try to praise the record's black metal spirit I might be greeted with indignation by the genre's scholars, though its power is an autosire monster, feeding from its own inspiration. Listen to the "Bloodletters" track which amasses most of the record's compositional finesse and make your own decisions. I already hail this shocking excretion.

Miltos XIC

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