MOONSPELL "Wolfheart" (Century Media)

Yesterday I heard in a long time again this beautiful record by Portuguese Moonspell and I remembered my teenage years when I was first introduced in the band's music. Full into the middle of the 90s when the air smelled different than now. The album contains eight great songs three of which are lengthy. The inaugural "Wolfshade" is best suited to enter you in the album's atmosphere and special musical perception of the band which (I may be wrong) apparently borrows late Rotting Christ tactics in rhythmic parts. Besides, the love and respect of the band for the Greek dark metallers is already known (Ribeiro appeared as guest in Rotting Christ's "A Dead Poem" also). Fernando Ribeiro (then Langsuyar) provides with a very dramatic vocal interpretation in the compositions of "Wolfheart". All of the tracks are in English except for "Trebaruna" and "Ataegina", which are in Portuguese, as well as the chorus of "Alma Mater" and "Ataegina". The keys of Pedro Paixão (Passionis) who dressed the compositions with vampyric mood and catchy melodies that stick in the mind forever played a catalytic role in Moonspell's music. A typical example is the keys playing in "An Erotic Alchemy" which is a duet, inspired by and quoting Marquis de Sade. The female vocal is provided by Birgit Zacher and is of a sufficiently operetta style. In the album you will also enjoy the bass themes of Ares (João Pedro) who has written some brilliant lines (in my opinion). The album closes with the now classic "Alma Mater", a song that was particularly liked by fans of the act for its special, uplifting rhythm. "Wolfheart" is the best moment of the band which, despite all these years, continues to release at least decent albums so far.

Miltos XIC

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