DIRTY BEACHES "Badlands" (Zoo Music)

"Badlands" is one of those records that is really hard to describe or put under certain labels. Probably I'm not that well concerned of such kind of musical experimentations but it doesn't mean I can't enjoy this record's beauty. Its distraught feeling comes from the darkest compositions of The Jesus and Mary Chain or so it seems to me. Below its easeful surface dwells an ebullient anxiety and expressionistic mood. Fully dull and somehow ambient oriented, Dirty Beaches openly flirt with dark shoegaze or rock n' roll vibes. They have totally entoiled me with their fastidious tunes through which you may discern a gleaming performance ala Elvis Presley or Chris Isaak (fuck yeah)! If Joy Division of "Closer" era ever chose to cover the "Lemon Popsickle" soundtrack and all of its artists they'd probably sound like Dirty Beaches. Now riddle this! Well, you should at least listen to this partly grumpy, partly harmonic work and make your own decisions. Just don't forgo this chance.

Miltos XIC - 16/20

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