DEVIL "Magister Mundi Xum" (Unborn Productions)

It has almost turned out to be a trend of our days and many bands seem to be blown by past winds asperging their music with the early 80's spirit. We could even talk about a NWOBHM anabiosis or something like that. Though this journey to the musical past isn't exactly a British case anymore. Devil come from Norway and they manage to bridge the doom element of early Pentagram with Holocaust vibes. "Magister Mundi Xum" is a demo record but the band manages to share with the audience a crescive interest about their compositions. Directed to plain riffing, Devil's song-writing aims to bleak, heavy metal sounds of not ectatic range concerning their influences. So we can listen to a focused record, honest and pretty good. The elder fans of the heavy metal will surely appreciate this but it's still a great chance for the younger audience to meet euphony as taught three decades ago. I strongly exhort you to try this out.

Miltos XIC - 14,5/20

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