AUTOPSY "Macabre Eternal" (Peacevile)

Some years elder now, in a sea of utter professionalism, image issues etc., Autopsy -as afloat corpses- try to discern through a genre which has changed so many faces and is agglomerated by fake messiahs and so many promising nonentities. The tactics of duet Reifert/Morales were never missed at all, though. With Abscess' alacrity they both kept the frowst in high levels for many years. In the hearts of fans though, the name of Autopsy ever carried such heavy heritage that everyone was curious about this great act's reunion. Especially when Eric Cutler is announced to be back in this freaky association. So, are Autopsy assoiled? This may be kind of a stupid question since Autopsy have to assimilate only themselves in order to really bother those who have been continuingly following the band's steps since their very beginning. What if the production of "Macabre Eternal" seems to be cleaner than ever? These stubborn, ageless fuckers never spent worthlessly the bottled stink. The abyssic vocals are sput from lungs that smoulder, swearer and death-tinged. Reifert's drum groove tires the unadorned hate of guitar riffing. Both Morales and Cutler unveil their death/doom/punk influences through a vicious circle of sick compositions. Joe Trevisano (of Von fame) adds to the dark timbre of the songs a tight performance precipituting the end. There's no need to worry about Autopsy, nor their future is precarious. They keep to it, they've never left. Probably the most essential death metal band ever existed. Period.

Miltos XIC - 17,5/20

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