HYPNOS 69 "Legacy" (Electrohasch)

To be honest with you, I've never been fan of this band. In fact, I had listened spare tracks of their previous albums here and there and I was never impressed quite a lot. "Legacy" was released one year ago and the band seems to see their compositions as a natural transition to a more retro-like feel, in the veins of Uriah Heep and King Crimson. The surprise though is that it really worked! Hypnos 69 pack inspired improvisation and delirious rock beats and release a broken-down, yet focused record. Chock full of ideas, "Legacy" contains heavy riffing but not only that. The incorporated psychedelic tunes are so clinged to the progressive spirit of the record that it's going to bring you in mind the glorious Seventies. The band has taken an elaborate look on their idols and has fired up some kind of beautiful experimentation, elegant and respectable. The sound production is much vintage and the organ use ensues primal rock vibes. There's also flute playing which feels like Jethro Tull outbreaks. Generally, I've got to admit that Hypnos 69 have dodged the trap of just reproducing their favourite influences and despite the fact that it is much obvious from what they are influenced, they've created a really beautiful album.

Miltos XIC

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