BLOOD CEREMONY "Living with the Ancients" (Metal Blade/Rise Above)

I fucking love Canada. Most of the bands originated there are really superb. At least the most known of them. Blood Ceremony's debut album, barring the obvious influences, was excellent. In their second effort, Blood Ceremony have a more personal sound even though their music still gives praise to bands like Black Sabbath and Jethro Tull. The heavy riffing behind the flute and organ use is astonishing and much trippy. Blood Ceremony are candid as regards their musical style and they feel free to construct retro-doom compositions without cheapening the folk song-writing. The character of the band is, of course, much occult and the fact that behind the microphone stands Alia O'Brien may bring you in mind the mighty Coven by which they are also influenced. More into the proto metal scene than The Devil's Blood and more connective to plain rock than neo-doomsters, Jex Thoth. I consider them to be more substantial than the previously mentioned bands. "Living with the Ancients" is a beatific listening, dulcet and estrayed from the music that most of the metal bands are playing nowadays. It will travel you to past times and you can figure on Blood Ceremony that it'll be a really nice trip. Hails!

Miltos XIC - 16,5/20

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