VARIOUS ARTISTS "Miss Fortune Was a Henhouse Manager" (Spinalonga)

Sixteen bands coming from Hellenic ground compile this double CD collection. Spinalonga Records tests beyond the mainstream acts a whole underground scene which may interest most of the doom/sludge/heavy (or whatever) fans. The aberrant sounds of National Pornographik and Extraordinary Rendition colour this effort with aesthetic talent while the rest of the bands are drowned in ultraheavy, sometimes psychedelic, musical orgy. This compilation actually proves the healthy status of Greek underground scene and settles it strong anent similar foreign musical streams. Sun of Nothing broadcast a mesmerizing hymn, National Pornographik may remind of phenomenal Julie Christmas' Made Out of Babes and Drunk Motherfuckers dally with a half-stoner, half-sludge track. Nechayevschina's instrumental participation caves in psychedelic aspects and so does Last Rizla's song. Korsikov's much Sabbath-like introducing riff turns into a monster and Farsalas (vocals) beshrews it all. They could become the domestic Black Cobra, believe me. Stonenrow are beset by Electric Wizard inspiration and give the audience some of their spare blur. Bad Trip is a band I'd never listened to before and their music seems to be more than just promising. Sadhus, the Smoking Community participate with a long, long track in which I can discern a black metal aura (due to the vocal style) over the sludge musical background. Brotherhood of Sleep do once again what they do best; through their instrumental composition they manage to build up beautiful, atmospheric soundscapes. Universe 217's indisputable talent leads them to the creation of one more mellow, lethargic, yet short opus. 1000Mods cover Eyehategod's "Sister Fucker" so they got to be neutral criticized. Nice effort, though. Sector Illusion's recording slightly veers away from the rest of the tracks' mood but it still is a beautiful song. Extraordinary Rendition's progressive spirit gifts the audience a Keelhaul-like, inspired composition which lasts only 1.21 minutes. Circassian are the only to provide Eastern vibes through a song both mesmerizing and minimal. Yassa contribute four tracks in this compilation, functioned as intros/outros in both two CDs. To sum up, this compilation is a great chance for you to meet Greek underground scene and offers you nearly 106 minutes of quality music. Visit Spinalonga's website for further info and show your support. It's really worth it.

Miltos XIC - 15/20

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