Interview: Nex Occendo

A brand new ensemble from Kalamata (GR) intends to create some competent piece of work. Without having released anything yet, Musikal Aesthetiks WebZine is proud for grabbing some words from Godspeed (bass, vocals) at these very first steps. Enjoy some musical adherence conversation below.

Nex Occendo: Any explanation for the name? Give us the secrecy behind its words.

We were initially searching a name which would cite to the gore element. After short seeking the latin “Nex Occendo” came up. By mistake or what, it gave the impression to be meant as “Funeral Pyre”, in free translation. But the meaning of the band’s name is dual in fact. “Nex” means “death” or “murder” while “Occendo” is a used with purpose typographic mistake. Something between “Occedo” which means “move into, meet” and “Occento” which means “sing to”. Therefore, ever in free translation, we come up with the following: “Move into Death/Dead” and “Sing to/for Death” It’s too catchy I believe.

I happen to have an intimate knowledge of you and know thee to be fan of Death. Would you like to drop some honesty words about this (way too) important band?

First of all I’d like to mention the fact, without misjudging the contribution of great musicians like DiGiorgio or Reifert are, that Death and Chuck Schuldiner are one and the same. As it is easily perceptible, whatever one might say about this hyper-band/hyper-human is said a million of times before. For me, Death was the breaking into more extreme paths than the ones I had already met. Just imagine the shock when I first listened to “Scream Bloody Gore” or my surprise to “Spirit Crusher” bass intro. I almost see myself browsing those lyrics. Multi-folding, unrepeatable lyrics! Incessant aural orgasms shaked me and still do shake the fuck out of me. Chuck, and his work, charmed me, electrified me and made me wonder like no other impulse has done to me so far. I could write many pages for this band, for what it was representing, what offered to people and the scene generally, what kind of musical genious minds it hid behind its beloved logo. I believe that covering beautifully “Empty Words” in the near future will be the least honour levy to the titan-like chapter of my life called “Death”. Such a nice contrast, huh? Death is SICKNESS, my friend.

Did your love for Death affect you in playing in a death metal band anyway?

Of course. Parallely with my “studying” on whatever was related to this band and its musicians (being an avid young man), I was planning to make my own project some time soon. While I was discovering more and more bands of the death metal scene, I was adding influences in my head that I could use to my ascending band. It was then somehow that I felt mature enough to make a start.

Give us the reasons why you chose to be part of the whole metal scene?

Let’s see. I believe I’m expressed through extreme sounds and I adore many of their reflecting bands. Of course, beacuse I believe I have the merits to make my first goose paces in the scene. One other reason is that I enjoy gathering with other people playing music or jamming or making some noise, rehearsal or concert. That is one of the most pleasant, priceless things. It’s a dream I had since I was very young.

You’re undoubtedly an ensemble fully in youth. What are your inhibitions and their consequences through your music?

As young people do, we are fully into life and energy. We’re moody and many times we feel repressed and limited. Therefore, all these are translated through extreme music, some chilling music turns and continuingly breaks. The main idea though, is the energy we want to trasmit through our music. Concerning the lyrics, besides the gore issues, there are some instantly related to man and the society he’s part of. All these things, of course, through the prism of some young men.

Have you bugged the domestic scene? If yes, can you name me some bands you prefer?

I’m watching greek bands as much as I can. Unfortunately though, mainly via internet. The greek scene is rich concerning its quality. Personally, I very much like to attend some Inveracity show. I also discern Human Rejection and Terrordrome. I could say that Extreme Violence are pretty good even if I haven’t yet studied them a lot. Besides brutal death metal, I dig Routes for their redneck style and Normah also – a female band with prog class.

For me, death metal is an appreciable musical branch. What Nex Occendo has to offer to a so blased scene?

I believe it’s too early for us to talk about our offering at death metal scene. Let’s just say that WE HAVE THE AMBITION to offer some kind of shit. Combining our influences and adding some of our stuff, we intend to create some decent work. Only this.

Talk to us about the ordinary composition process. Does it demand elaborate skill techniques or is it done in the spirit of some cool company?

“Elaborate skill techniques”? We’re not into that, yet. What has been composed, up ’till now, from Nex Occendo and what is going to be composed will emerge through hours of rehearsal in our jamming place. That is actually what I’m trying to do. Usually one of us got one (or more) riff, shows it to the rest of the band during rehearsal and we “build” the rest together. Often, one of us might have composed a full song the best parts of which we discusse to keep and work on. We complete the songs by adding riffs, new or old ones, see what lyrics best fit each track and then our drummer avocates with the grooves. Solos come always last in this procedure and of course these are tested only by our guitar players.

We’d love to know five records that compose the music of Nex Occendo or that you’d like them to compose your music anyway.

1) “Death – Individual Thought Patterns”; for its unrepeatable tone and sick bass lines. 2) “Dying Fetus – Killing on Adrenaline”; for the smart play of Talley. 3) “Suffocation – Suffocation”; for the unreachable vocal lines of Mullen and their unbelievable perplex riffs. 4) “Autopsy – Mental Funeral”; for its pure death sensation and the lyrics. 5) “Sadistic Torment – Unearthly Horrors”; for their rawness drills your brain.

These are the last words and they’re so damn yours.

Support music. Support the bands you dig a lot and the domestic scene. Attend live performances, listen to many bands, listen to everything, read the lyrics, ask, seek! Music is for everyone. Metal may be for less and death metal for even lesser but whatever… Someone tell me where I can find an official Psychotic Waltz T-shirt. Keep on with the blog work. Thank you for this interview and I hope we meet at some summer event playing some music together.

Interview by Miltos XIC

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