ULVER “Bergtatt: Et Eeventyr i 5 Capitler” (Head Not Found)

In their virgin discographic appearance, the Norwegian ARTISTS chose to play the role of story-tellers. This hid no unerringness, at all. The tide of a vast underground scene had already swept the spirit of that epoch. 1995. Ulver, though, have proved they were never decadent in aesthetics. Some seriously darkness floodlit compositions were about to show. With the opening track, “Troldskog Faren Vild”, the band points at our embracery. The woeful riff escorts Garm’s mournful song and vice versa. Garm (aka Trickster G.) excites! His dreamy vocal lines turn into horrible disesthesia and again are colored with geniality tone until the very end of the record. As both curse and detersion, he defines our mood with unequalled vocal expressiveness. The uneven musical lapses from acoustic melodies to grim nightmares betray a band with a great vision. The zenith of “Bergtatt” is its instrumental frosty melodies accompanied by Sverd’s dartled piano parts. Bleak music. Bleak and cold. Of course, this record has nothing to do with their most recent excretions but here’s a chance to find out the beginner anxieties of these really important ARTISTS. Simply a musical monument.

Miltos XIC

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