TREVOR DUNN'S TRIO-CONVULSANT "Sister Phantom Owl Fish" (Ipecac)

I support the ones who consider Trevor Rey Dunn as one of the greatest bass players ever existed. In fact, besides Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones, the mentioned guy has written and played the most beautiful bass lines I’ve ever listened to. But that is only my opinion. His technical abilities in bass duties are so fucking extraordinary that I hardly believe my ears when I hear him playing. You can enjoy Trevor’s majesty in both Mr. Bungle and Fantomas bands. The presented record though, belongs to a different project. The “Trio-Convulsant” is an instrumental act which basically modifies notes into music. The style the band moves through is free-form and can hardly be discreted for its sources of inspiration. From what I barely listen, the band performs under the jazz pavilion. It seems to me that the band members have functioned each one’s role vice versa. I mean, Trevor (who is actually playing the contrabass in this record) theoretically is part of the band’s rhythm section along with drummer Ches Smith. Practically though, in Trevor Dunn’s Trio-Convulsant the rhythm section is following the guitar themes (performed by this sick female, Mary Halvorson). It’s like both contrabass and drums try to accompany the six-string orgy. The result is a twisted record even though it may sound a bit calm as a whole. That’s not for anyone’s likes, of course. “Sister Phantom Owl Fish” though, is a pungent aspect of some great musicians on music who create something not already served a million times. Recommended but not felt at ease. I dig this anyway.

Miltos XIC

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