LURKER OF CHALICE "Self-titled" (Total Holocaust)

Black metal is not a Norwegian case. US black metal was developed into some haggard quality, this last decade. There are many bands to mention some of which are Thralldom, Xasthur and Leviathan. The last one mentioned is a one-man band including only Wrest performing all instruments. It’s 2005 and Wrest baptizes a new project under the name “Lurker of Chalice” releasing this one. Haling the black metal atmosphere (of all waves) and infusing doses of psychedelic nightmares Wrest builds a masterpiece. The various listenings of Wrest are somehow proved to have come in handy. I’d been struck all of a heap with Lurker of Chalice because I believe it is pretty difficult to combine these two opposite -up ’till now- musical genres so successfully. Beware! This is not one more “intellectual” album for hipster fake guys. The album is dripped by poison, houting in subconscious thoughts and hotching the entire existence. Under mesmerizing tunes, Wrest composes hymnodies of unholiness which devour you like the hypabyssal venom in the veins. Id est, this record does not welcome you in its dark chambers. It breathes death upon you and ashes of freaking idealism. Impenitent for the fear it causes, it, inchmeal, licks every small part of you. “Lurker of Chalice” is one of those albums wherein lifelessness prevails. Do not listen to this if you’re depressed for it will manipulate your will against everyone and everything. Wrest is mature enough and opposes against mawkishness. Handle this maturely, too.

Miltos XIC

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