VIRUS "The Agent That Shapes the Desert" (DIY)

Notice this as a fact; Czral is god. And that’s unconditional. From the black/thrash attack of Aura Noir, the death/thrash fury of Cadaver, the undisputed avant-garde genius of Ved Buens Ende and the schizophrenic paranoia of Dodheimsgard to this newer prosperous effort, his participation is much more than just strolling among the instruments. As a vocalist he is weaponed with unique charisma that allows him to express either aural thumping or twisted, tenor-like performances. As a composer he is able to build acoustic pagentry which is diseased with the virus of lyrical genius and flirts with madness. Typically or not, we are all aware that Virus somehow carry the heavy heritage of Ved Buens Ende. Poised among astral clouds, Virus‘ last excretion, “The Agent That Shapes the Desert“, is one more spiritual child of the trascendental tunes coming from the virgin musical birth of Ved Buens Ende. That’s an uncompromising point of view. I do challenge the ones who think they’ve found out alike music played before them. There’s no much to say about Virus’ third record. Apart from Czral, you can also enjoy Sjurso‘s (Beyond Dawn, Lamented Souls) performance behind the drumkit as well. His perky perception of rhythm is truly astonishing. As for the bass themes, they are saucily performed and totally psychedelic. Buy it or fuck you. Requite yourselves with this musical orgy and you might meet the band’s substance where the flame resides. Inspiration dwells there as well.

Miltos XIC

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