CURSED "Two" (Goodfellow)

“Chris Colohan is the devil”. Browsing some live videos of the band in, the mentioned phrase was placed between the comments more than just once. Chris Colohan, though, is a devil who does not try to convince the world he doesn’t exist. Instead, he is there to mention its weaknesses and failed ideals. That he is, so easily, persuasive about what he speaks for, the world may seem a familiar place for Cursed. And what a name those guys chose to give the band! Somehow prophetic. Moved through sheer unluckiness, the band unfortunately split up recently. It is useless to mention the fact that the Canadian government funded this release. Different governments, different civilizations. Cursed is a hardcore band. That is sure. A fucking brilliant hardcore band, in fact. There’s no alibi for them, though, if someone categorizes them as a metal band, too. For the members have been lent the auctioned Entombed style and put it so damn beautifully through their music. This is a spit in the eye, not just on face. That means the album is purely raw, old school scented, aggressive. The band seems way too angry to settle on anything else for their music. Anything but a small prelude (including piano themes) which, through the rest of songs, is functioned like the calm before the storm. This is a pitiless record and its content disturbs kind citizens, high class heads and everyone who sets a program or is set in some program in this tedious lifetime. The lyrics are simply fantastic. Whoever is in the hardcore scene is probably aware of this diamond. The rest will gift themselves an eternal soundtrack. Go and fucking buy this shit. NOW!

Miltos XIC

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