Closure or what?

“Unearthly Trance played our FINAL show in Nagoya, Japan. We will no longer be playing live again. Thanks to all who came to see us over the years!
-Ryan Lipynsky”

On March 14th Ryan Lipynsky of mighty Unearthly Trance posted the announcement above on UT’s official site. It is not that obvious whether the band keeps on recording new stuff but according to Ryan, the band is done with their live rituals.

Unearthly Trance is beyond doubt the greatest doom/sludge act of the zeros and one of the greatest bands ever existed, in fact. That’s a shame to her such news from them but it’s a credit that they’ve decided to abandon (?) UT at the very peak of their carreer.

Two days later after the initial post Ryan expained some more things on this:

“Ok. Here is something that needs to be stated. UT is burnt out on shows. We are. Don’t expect to see us playing in NYC again. We’ve done so many of those that we are good on that. But I will NEVER say that we wont record together ever again as that is foolish…

First and foremost, this is a band of 3 friends. We will remain that way. I think for now UT will sleep, but that doesn’t mean we wont create music with each other in one way or another again. I’m kind of amazed how everyone NEEDS to know 100% if we are done or not? If you are a fan of the band, this message is to let you know we wont say anything like “UT is done forever” or ” Please file under disbanded” – that aint our style.

Pray for those in Japan.


The author’s view on this situation is that we shouldn’t expect to miss Ryan’s talent as long as he’s involved in a bunch of really good bands. The Howling Wind is one of those bands that carries perfectly this composer’s idiosyncrasy, for example. Hails to Unearthly Trance anyway. Still, a LIVING legend!

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