BORGIA "Ecclesia" (Paradigms)

The truth is I used to ignore the existence of French Borgia. The fact that they named their full-length with a greek word (ecclesia, εκκλησία= church), though, has been intriguing against me and I had to check them out anyway. I stood almost voiceless! Borgia create a fabulous, dark record wherein the guitars play the lead role with their totally unorthodox riff tunes. The progressive mood of the album relegates both to Satyricon’s “Rebel Extravaganza” era and Mayhem’s “A Grand Declaration of War” era. This means, of course, that besides the vocal lines of mr. Géraud de Verenhe you’re going to also hear narrative parts accompanying the whole warlike musical background. The band’s sound is perfectly natural and the drums officiate in the performance of the compositions while the guitar themes drag you into a constant swirl. The introducing riff of “Le Bûcher des Vanités” track is HUGE and is going to make many heads bang. Sometime in the middle of the same song, there’s an abstracted lead part which is crabby and at the same time atmospheric. This album satisfies my appetite for alike musical recipes like domestic Angstridden’s EP does (they’ve recently released a similar art epic!). Black/death metal fans will properly appreciate this, I’m sure.

Miltos XIC

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