ASTRA "The Weirding" (Rise Above)

Astra could be categorized as a progressive band. Aberrant of what the term “progressive” is now meant to be, though. Their music is synth-based and somehow abnormal. The “The Weirding” album reminded me a lot of King Crimson’s “In the Court of Crimson King” era and, at times, Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” and “Wish You Were Here” era. The songs are pretty long with extended lead parts accompanying abstracted melodies. Accentually the sound is so fucking retro and of accredited value. These acuminate tunes often take you to outer space and there’s a general aerial mood. The album’s length does not aggravate you. Instead, it keeps you agog on what’s going to happen and the band’s efficiency is beyond price. Especially in the times we live, past adorers, like Astra, allure the audience with substantial music, amaze the senses and (why not) create an everlasting album. Amidst pure musical genius and simple song norms apperception, the architecture of “The Weirding” is balanced and rhythmic, arrogant and humble, based on sheer astuteness. Attired with bewitching will, it penetrates through feelings, austere and awoke. The album is distributed via Rise Above Records which is one of the coolest labels out there and run by mighty Cathedral’s Lee Dorrian. He proves us his good taste in music once again. This guy seems to be some kind of new messiah for he has signed up excellent bands in his record company so far and Astra is one of them. With inspiration being the backbone of their balmy sounds, Astra is indeed a true new musical proposal besides their dekko to the grand past.

Miltos XIC

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