MORGEN "Self-titled" (Phoenix)

It is usual phenomenon, as it seems, to discover the majority of gems of old raw and psychedelic sound in bands that have been impossibly short-lived. This collectivism lents its name from the frontman and lead guitarist of the band, Steve Morgen. The record was released in 1969, that is to wit in a fully flowered decade for this genre as all betray (1965-1975). The whole record climax indicts a live recording and, aye, there many who long for alike soundscapes even nowadays. Hardly can the album cover predispose what’s going to be heard. Evard Munch’s marvellous painting, “The Scream”, ornates the mentioned release. If we spherically try to analyze this specific creation, we conclude to a beautiful psych rock album which could be easily memorized by a greater audience. Especially, each one of the tracks of this release is a masterpiece for the universal musical world with enviable performances which indiscriminately impassion the senses. The moody world of Morgen is openly shown and the band’s sound reminds me of the recordings of unforgettable Jimi Hendrix. Songs like “Welcome to the Void”, “Of Dreams” and “Purple” are already in the pantheon of electric music. Of course, the band’s great ammunition is that they’ve composed inspired melodies which they managed to make as pleasing listenings through the whole chaotic labyrinth of their songs. This record will make up guaranteed pleasure to any vintage worshipper. Find this one and listen to this at any cost.

Miltos XIC

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