DEAD MAN'S BONES "Self-titled" (ANTI)

I’ve been a huge fan of metal music in my whole life. In fact, I still am. Over the last month, I have listened to a hell of records, some of which I’d never listened before. Above all, though, I consider myself as a huge fan of music and through all those ire rifled CD discs, there were some more mellowly ribbed which have beaten the shit out of me. Dead Man’s Bones are discovered in sheer tuneful richness. I didn’t even know about those guys until recently. My girlfriend, unwillingly, did school them to me. We were just sitting around and she had this record playing on, in fact. Seemingly I didn’t pay attention to this but their speciously beautiful tunes were well printed in the stuffy corners of my brain. I, wisely, didn’t stumble about their music. Many would do, I believe, since Notebook’s lead protagonist, Ryan Gosling, is part of this musical group. Notebook is a girly movie, studiously created to attach with the “dream life” of any female juvenile. Fuck this. Anyway, the music of Dead Man’s Bones is basically synth-based, afforced with beautiful vocal melodies which are accompanied by peace bespangled choruses (performed by kids). The big credit of this record’s production is that sometimes it sounds like it’s a vinyl. Avowed for its vintage touch and honesty, this record’s splendour is candescent. The vocals are deep and charming, the piano themes are coerectant of this record’s credible mood and atmosphere and, generally, the melodies of this dally with your senses. For sure, this is cinematic music, far from electric flux but still able to paint expanses of finitude imagination. A flowerpiece of music.

Miltos XIC

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