CASTEVET "Mounds of Ash" (Profound Lore)

Are Castevet a black metal act? Can they be categorized also in post -or whatever this term explains- music? Theser are actually subjects one might concern of. Well, in my opinion, black metal music depends on the mood every artist demonstrates through his works. To tell the truth,Castevet’s “Mounds of Ash” does not remind me of any of those legendary Norwegian black metal albums of ’91-’95 era. I’d say that the band serves more the US black metal standards. I’ve even sensed some “Celestial” rhythmics of mighty Isis in their music. Is there a problem with that anyway? Actually, NO! They’re firing off a constant fury with some unorthodox ways. The hardcore style of vocals assures this belief. I’d stand aside the often math-core tactics of the guitar work and the beautiful soundscapes they create for awhile because I’d like to mention initially the inspired, stark drum performance. Way beyond the typical blast themes, they pitch in Castevet’s special primitive groove. Far from musical previsions, they nominate for the atmosphere of every musical second. Between the record’s tracks there’s utter poise and balance. So, if I were to answer at all, I’d say that Castevet are a black metal band, indeed. Just not a typical black metal band. I’d dare say also that if Deathspell Omega chose to play a more down-tempo music with a warmer sound production they would sound exactly like Castevet. At least of this album. Make your decisions on this last sentence.

Miltos XIC

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