TARDIVE DYSKINESIA "The Sea of See Through Skins" (Coroner)

The truth is I had pre-judged this album before I even listen to this. I mean I’d heard a couple of songs and I believed it to be one more sample of modern metal music moving in certain stereotypes. Surely performed in stunning ways but still inarmed with the same tactics we’ve been listening to the last few years. You have well guessed that I had pre-judged this album negatively. To my surprise, though, I was pretty charmed when I fully listened to this. Besides, I’ve got to be honest on things I support (or would like to). I’d bet this could settle you as ignorant concerning its content. The five punks participating in Tardive Dyskinesia collectivism monkey with our patience. Musically, they have perfectly built infuriated hymns which can’t joint some common instrumental tempo. The performances are perched to the top of today’s demands of both universal musicians and audience also. The music is kind of difficult for uncertain ears but that is created through the “song writing” perceptibility. And that’s a big fucking credit, dear lord! Indefectible, Tardive Dyskinesia have constructed a great sound notably. Their intentions can’t be misconceived. I feel palliated to know there are more talents in the Greek scene. What will this record’s correspondence be is something that is still being tested. Iconically, allow me to believe that if this was about some foreign product, it would have already been the trend of our days. Let’s just hope those guys will make the difference, at last.

Miltos XIC

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