GHOST "Opus Eponymous" (Rise Above)

Heavy Metal at its best! I’ve been following this band since Darkthrone’s Fenriz had proposed them at one of his “band of the week” blog posts and I was quite impatient to listen to their very first work. Ghost didn’t fail me. The introductive bass lines of “Con Clavi, Con Dio” and the instant keys add revamp a so tired genre and submit respect to heavy metal legends. The album’s atmosphere is creepy and lent from mighty Mercyful Fate. “Ritual” is written to stay in the history of music. Many believe that its main riff is a shameful copy of Megadeth’s “Symphony of Destruction”. The truth is that although the same chords are used, there’s a totally different tempo and rhythm between these two tracks. Hymns like “Elizabeth”, “Satan Prayer” and “Stand by Him” scandalously smut our faces with nostalgic smiles. The six ghosts of the band have managed to jump at our ignorance and remind us of those ingredients that made us love heavy metal. Their compositions, even if evil, are honeyed by PERFECT melodies and substantial guitar solos. The vocals of Ghost’s mainman ingratiate themselves since they’re overcharged with the cult element of retro-like performances. For many, this was the last year’s top release. Anyway, listen to this and it will pay you off. “Sathanas, we are one…”

Miltos XIC

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