TIM BUCKLEY "Starsailor" (Straight)

I was initially introduced in Tim Buckley’s music through the “Goodbye and Hello” album back in 1967. Tim’s moody creations surely had some kind of affect on me even if it’s never been that clear whether it’s a good or bad one. His unique voice and madness, as exposed through his compositions, somehow betray the early forms of avant-garde music, improvised jazz musical parts and monotone guitar themes over which Tim is able to make those strange voices. Tim Buckley’s most known song, probably, “Song to the Siren” is part of this album’s tracklist. It’s a bit strange how Tim’s band-mates even tried to accompany his curious perception and performance in each song but somehow they’ve done so brilliantly! To tell the truth, I mostly prefer the “Goodbye and Hello” and the “Happy/Sad” albums but this one is for sure his most personal and bizarre record. Through a cyclone of myths surrounding Tim’s grand personna, this album (his whole discography, in fact) stands besides the laws of commercialism even if the compositions are shorter than future ones. The depth of the music and its daring nature profits the audience with a bottomless genius. Songs like the homonym one can disturb the human ear more than a common black metal song can. This record’s music slightly reminds me of Nick Cave’s one and probably Tim has been indeed an inspiration for the Australian lord of TRUE darkness. Well, if I had some certain terms to use in order to categorize Buckley’s music, I’d have done already but this is kind of sleeveless. This strange record will reward your patience with the great jazz impressions on “Down by the Borderline” track which sums up the limited insanity of its creator. So, what you’ve just got to do is simply give it a listen.

Miltos XIC

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