ALLOCHIRIA "Self-titled" (DIY)

For the pages of this blog’s humble posts, the previous reference in Isis’ short carreer actually gives me the thumbs to write a few things about the newly transformed, Allochiria, and especially their first official release – the 3 track homonym EP. The ones who seldom take any kind of glance at the previous posts of this WebZine might have introduced in a band called Parts of Unknown, some guys from which had a nice talking with me some months ago. Well, Parts of Unknown changed their name to the most elaborate “Allochiria” and they’re here to show their fucking teeth. I was positively predisposed on what I was to hear, at last, since a short part of their “Aokigahara Forest” (E-P-I-C title) track was both viewable and listenable on days before they released the whole shit. My expectations didn’t fail me at all. OK, the obvious blame on them is the incessant and endless inspiration from pioneer Isis. But who’s to blame them anyway for something like that? The atmosphere between the EP’s tracks is outstanding and thrilling. The band’s performance is classed as really, really good. The general concept they seem to slip through suits their unique abilities and actually shows off their deep talent. For example, the fact that Vaggelis (vocals) sings such few parts betrays his respect for the beautiful musical structure that lays below his vocal lines. His voice is tense and breathes the words perfectly! The guitar work and themes might have been this that almost assigns a personal identity to the record’s result. The rhythm section sounds so professional. Still, it’s their very first effort so far. What silent anxiety shall we expect from now on? Food for thought… The songs’ titles aren’t of some horrific / plastic terrorism or gore nature. Nope. We don’t need another one band serving us this kind of shit once more. The well-posted may find hope through their lines. There were no steps towards Allochiria’s evolution. Besides, those punks jumped miles away from their initial vision AND action. Support them at any cost. Lust awakens the desire to possess this EP. And that awakens the intent to murder in order to have it. Pay a visit to their MySpace page,, and give it a try. If you’re not convinced, stop listening to music.

Miltos XIC

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