CONVERGE "Axe to Fall" (Epitaph)

Converge’s latest work agitated the whole groundwork of universal musical scene. That’s for sure. Many didn’t believe the band would reach again the levels of “Jane Doe” album. Besides, history has proved us that great bands/artists can’t overcome the glorious moments they had on the outset of their carreer. Converge, though, are the bright exception. In a ferocity of titanic riffs and rhythms, they create their most integrated record. In their music, the line between metal and hardcore is too thin for anyone to discern the genre they’re moving into. Overtaking, though, any need for definition, the present times see Converge setting the basis for the (healthy) future of extreme music. Moreover, I’m pretty glad that, finally, some bands with the right aspects on how beat-down parts shall be played have returned. The Goliath-sized fabulous riffology set the absolute porosis for live performances. The fans must have alredy been prepared for illustrious circle pit moments. Something alike to that, the fabulous French Kickback offered to us the previous year. A pleiads of unbelievable guest musicians are perfectly harmonized through the vision of Converge, playing this way a way too important role in the creation of this shocking record. Converge have not overcome only themselves. They’ve become so huge that Earth can’t contain them. Whoever makes the mistake of ignoring this album, he’s just cheating himself living in illusions concerning musical quality. Such kind of gems are rarely made. And this one is already offered to you.

Miltos XIC

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