OBLITERATION "Nekropsalms" (Phantom)

Oh, Reifert God! These guys might have dived in the big Autopsy cauldron wherein the Abscess soup was being cooked when they were young. They frittered the death metal onions and they actually tasted of the mighty Californians’ frontless freakishness. “Nekropsalms” is a significant album, created with the right portions of both death metal and doom metal music. The band seems to be really stuck back to the uglifying early 90′s. They’ve excreted a record the sound of which is truly missed. Hopefully, it’s going to be revived, though, after the recent reunion of Autopsy. Not that it didn’t exist at all. Abscess did carry that old frowst through all these years. The thing is that there never were alike quality followers of the unique style of those -way too- important bands. Obliteration, though, come to right a so pained musical genre. This is one of the best records I’ve listened to the last two years, at least. It almost brought nostalgic tears in my eyes. The band is actually shoveling any useless element of tricky impression, indifferent at modern musical demands and builds a back-to-the-basis record of gigantic dimensions. The vocals stink, the guitar themes are impervious to any kind of fashion and the rhythm section is the base of this sludge monument. Old fans of death metal will surely appreciate this piece of music. Let this be inspiration for other new bands. We need musicians like the ones of Obliteration for they’re possessed by the right aesthetics and we want some people to remind us why METAL music was once considered as the prodigal son of all music. This is revolution and Obliteration can brag they’ve started it once again. The question is: which side are you rooting for?

Miltos XIC

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