SPEEDBLOW "Fields of Doom" (DIY)

This is the most recent record I’ve heard from Greece. Speedblow is a brand new band but it seems they’re too binded. It truly beat the shit out of me. I dared commenting them on their MySpace page telling that they, in fact, could be the greek version of mighty Lair of the Minotaur. This record is healthier than ten newborn children are. And I mean that, God!, this is fucking METAL. Including all of its cliches. It’s going to make you raise the fists up in the air. The riffs the album contains may drag you into an unrelentless headbanging. It kind of made me feel younger. Its sparkle is ever shining. You’d better believe me.

I’d like to congratulate the band for writing SONGS (at last!); they don’t just tie melodies. Besides the composure issues, I do dig Nick’s voice a lot. His voice is so fucking persuasive. Strong and raw. Concerning the leads, John and Costas have done some excellent work. They are truly part of each song, well used and essential.
As a whole, I’d say that this record is the perfect mix of 80′s metal and post metal music (the word “post” is not referred to describe the recent musical “trend”). Horns up. I’m full in Speedblow’s debut. Can’t wait for the next excretion…

Miltos XIC

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