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Both of them are death metal bands. In fact, they are death metal legends. This last month, two new songs were released online so we could have a small taste of what's to come. Here's my thoughts on Morbid Angel's "Existo Vulgore" and Autopsy's "Always About to Die" tracks.

Part 1: AUTOPSY "Always About to Die"

Autopsy face no enemies. Even after their split-up sooo many years ago, the Reifert/Morales duet kept on shitting some lethal stuff out there with Abscess which can be considered as the physical continuance of Autopsy's vision. Now Autopsy are re-united and some of you have already listened to their new O-P-U-S "Always About to Die". All the good elements of Autopsian (yeah, that's much unique so we're allowed to name it that way) death metal that made us love this freakish act are there. The lethargic doom metal lapse before the primitive death metal/crust break betrays a band unfalling in inspiration and aesthetics. I am well convinced that "Macabre Eternal" will seriously kick some asses. Besides, Reifert is a human god!

Part 2: MORBID ANGEL "Existo Vulgore"

I wasn't that happy to hear that David Vincent rejoined the BEST death metal band ever existed. OK, don't get angry already, that's only my opinion. His musical association with Genitorturers (what a joke) evinced a man whom taste of music had changed radically. Morbid Angel, on the other hand, had released a very good album (Heretic) plus two magnificent records (Formulas Fatal to the Flesh, Gateways to Annihilation) with Steve Tucker behind the microphone/bass duties. I listened to "Existo Vulgore" the same day it leaked through YouTube. I didn't like this unfortunately. I consider its riffs as unremarkable and uninspired. The drumming of Tim Yeung, despite being perfectly performed, lacks in the organic sense Pete offered in the band's sound. Trey's solo in this is beyond imagination, though. David's vocals are still into shape but I don't like very much the hardcore style he spits the words. Morbid Angel ever seemed to show an imperial feeling through their music. And that's why I love this band so much. Their last album, "Heretic", missed this feeling although it was still epic because the rhythm guitars spat some demonic themes that could tramp upon most of the modern death metal compositions as a true conqueror beast. So I come to wonder this; it is announced that Morbid Angel's new record will contain eleven songs, two of which will be the intro and outro. One of the songs will also be instrumental - I believe similar to the ones of their last works. So we've got eight songs left, two of which are Thor's (new guitar player) compositions and they may be really good. The lingering six tracks are composed by mastermind Trey Azagthoth. "Existo Vulgore" is not that good. From what we can sense, "Nevermore" isn't a shocking track too, it is rather a typical good Morbid Angel song. Four tracks are left to show Trey's talent now. Let's suppose that all of those tracks are masterpieces. Is it enough for four to six tracks among the whole tracklist (that means half of the record) to make a record legendary? I very much doubt that but only few days are left 'till we all find out. Hope they prove me wrong.

Miltos XIC

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