DARKTHRONE "Transilvanian Hunger" (Peaceville)

It's been three days now that I'm listening to this album non-stop. No, it doesn't mean I discovered this sort of musical masterpiece now but it seems I'm stuck to it once more after making the "mistake" of re-listening to this. The album is untypically divided into two units as regards the lyrics since Fenriz leaves half of the song scripts be written by Burzum's Varg Vikernes who had then been imprisoned. Its minimalistic sound is of blacker-than-black nature. Its obvious melancholic tone drags you into the deepest abyss. Each one of the record's songs (my personal favourites are "Skald Av Satans Sol" and "En As I Dype Skogen") impenetrate the dark soul of black metal music as few albums have done so far. These long, long riffs may maul your senses. Its demonic touch ("As Flittermice As Satans Spys") predominates over the 80% of the so called black metal scene. Lest ways, try this. Authenticity through music. So pure...evil! Cold.

Miltos XIC

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