DAX RIGGS "Say Goodnight to the World" (Fat Possum)

Dax Riggs has got the fabric of great song-makers along the way. Former member of Acid Bath and Deadboy & the Elephantmen, he has colored his solo work with some dark themes both lyrically and musically. His voice is perfectly warm and welcome and at times reminds me a less boozed Danzig. The musical compositions lend inspiration from the dark side of blues idiosyncrasy but not only. I guess it's these haunting soul melodies that make his work so special. The homonym track, for example, is a perfect background for Dax's vocals to sing in a so beautiful, deliberate discord. I hadn't listened to this record at all up until the last month and I got to admit I adored it. Far from the sludge experiments he's been associated with in Acid Bath, Dax comes to prove -nearly fourteen years after- that he is a musician, indeed. You could be much surprised by this record's good taste in musical aesthetics. Atmospheric, trippy, mid or up tempo, Dax sings some really shocking stuff even David Bowie would be jealous of. Plus there's an Elvis Presley sombre cover of "Heartbreak Hotel" which is well performed and suits the rest of the tracks' mood. "Say Goodnight to the World" manages to establish Riggs as a top musician of our days and you should give it a try if you have any kind of doubt about that.

Miltos XIC

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