ABHORRENCE "Evoking the Abomination" (Evil Vengeance)

Part 1 - Abattoir. Ten years after brutal death metal shows its teeth for the first time (debut album of Suffocation) Brazilian act, Abhorrence welcome the listener to an alike style of musical aggressiveness. Part 2 - Evoking the Abomination. The fury lingers on until it is totally expressed in Part 3 - Sacrificial Offerings. An unrelenting display of musical orgasm in which the old thrash metal influences are embodied so smartly that the whole song sounds so unholy. Part 4 - Hellish Annihilation. Some double recorded vocal lines reminded me of Deicide's unforgettable debut record. The short solo themes are of course inspired by thrash metal of the 80s. Part 5 - Storming Warfare. A huge riff accompanied by an even more huge riff. The gunshot-like snare playing is really menacing. Let loose! Part 6 - Abhorrer Existence. From the darkest deep of the abyss they come, marching for intense destruction, bringing in the hands the unholy vengeance. Or so the lyrics say. Part 7 - Reborn in Vengeance. Some furious performance in all levels exposed in this brutal death metal hymn. Try this out if you doubt at all. Part 8 - Triumph in Blasphemy. The record's most time-consuming composition closes the album by abstracting all of its content. Twisted guitar brays and a howling wind fades. Already a classic!

Miltos XIC

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