RAVEN "Wiped Out" (Neat)

NWOBHM, Speed Metal, no matter what. British act, Raven, was something more than just a common band and they made a go of it through their unique technique skills and their live apperances also. When the rest of the NWOBHM scene was competing one another in image issues (leathers e.t.c.) these guys actually birthed their music as "Athletic Rock" and appeared on stages with hockey masks and some even frenzier mood. They are considered to be among the fathers of the Speed/Thrash Metal sound and I believe this is due to John Gallagher's guitar playing and compositions. The six strings abrasion refers clearly to heavy sound themes despite it's played a bit faster. "Faster Than the Speed of Light" - the album's first title says it all after all. Raven's "Wiped Out" stands perfectly for the rest of the UK acts that bursted out in the morn of 80s and is already a classic. "Live at the Inferno", "Bring Down the Hammer" are heavy metal hymns that can at least humiliate today's youngster-bands. At times the Ravens can outshine their own musical, stylistic flux in songs like "To the Limit/To the Top" where the listener confronts a different version of the band (the initial slower theme) even if it's just the calm before their acquainted break-out. Simply beautiful musical moments! For the story, drummer Rob Hunter once scraped through the hyper-cult band, Détente, and Joe Hasselvander (of Pentagram fame) fills Rob's shoes behind the drumkit since 1988. "Wiped Out" is a must-have record for the nostalgic fans of NWOBHM.

Miltos XIC

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