MASSACRE THE WASTELAND "World Collapse Countdown" (DIY)

"15 minutes of pure death/grind madness reflecting the nowadays self-destructing proceedings". There was an additional file, the music's one aside, including some certain information about the band when Johannes (guitar) sent me his band's stuff. The sentence above is generally a nice, short description about the music of Massacre the Wasteland, a newly-introduced act hailing from central Europe and especially Germany. The music of Massacre the Wasteland isn't innovative but does overflow with the certainty of professionalism at all levels. Concerning the EP's sound production I've got to admit that a great warmth is achieved despite the digital character of the genre. Vocals are both brutal and piggy and often expressed over much technical guitar themes which owe part of their chaos form to bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan or even newer, more chattering, Ion Dissonance etc. The great about MTW though is that they avoid using those so called beatdown tricks, thus basing their compositions on a totally sicker atmosphere. My opinion is that if those guys choose to imbue their musical style with some more keys/samples like the inspired part of "Conclusion: Extinction" (at 1:15) they are damn able of creating thrilling vibes. It may be too late to talk for these dudes but you could be surprised by their undisputed big appetite. I am really impatient to listen to their first full-length. Oh yes, I am.

Miltos XIC

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