SUFFOCATION "Pierced From Within" (Roadrunner)

While their classic as hell debut record seems to still face no enemies behind the angry musical faces of its followers, "Effigy of the Forgotten" is so over-analyzed and discussed that really there's no thing left to say about its colossal prehension. Suffocation are stigmatized as a brutal death metal act and that's what they truly are, in fact. "Pierced From Within" is the third full-length of these NY death metal legends and the first without the alliance of Mike Smith (drums). It also happened to be the last record not to feature Smith behind the drumkit. Mike Smith is one of the biggest motherfuckers out there (intangible in drum technique) though Doug Bohn filled his boots so very well. The swirling guitar themes and the constant bass threaten are ever present, even in Suffocation most death metal album to date (along with 2009's "Blood Oath" maybe?) which scents, at times, Morbid Angel odors. Frank Mullen's vocals are beastly and unique and the band generally produces such a thick sound most of the modern bands still struggle to cope with. Brutal death metal at its peak with a schizophrenic style inside the compositions. Here, you can listen to "Synthetically Revived" as part of the album four years after its first audience in the best death metal EP of all time, "Human Waste". In the homonym track you can enjoy the best slamming shit ever heard by human ear and concisely "Pierced From Within" is one of the top records of death metal's finest, Suffocation. That simple.

Miltos XIC

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