WEAKLING "Dead as Dreams" (tUMULt)

The upsetting approach of haunted melodies, the sorrow which looms ahead devoid of supposedly feigned pain, the solitude expressed through hymnal guitar rhythms, banished in isolated musical landscapes, all harmonized under the heavy rhythmics of Weakling who so ingloriously faded before we could even dream about their next masterpiece. US black metal kind of dominated in the previous decade's musical circles both in aesthetics and content. Weakling released this at the very first breaths of it, in 2000, and then split up. John Gossard (guitar, vocals) kept on showing high levels of creativity with both Asunder and the most recent Dispirit (a band that actually takes Gossard back to what he'd left with Weakling as everything seems) but his contribution in Weakling's opus, "Dead as Dreams", possibly marks his career as his most important moment to date. The chaotic, long-winded compositions of the record leave the audience almost breathless. The sounds evolution inside the tracks is really catchy and natural and tracks like the homonym masterpiece are truly astonishing. You're gonna feel some epic feeling even, because when the introducing riff of "This Entire Fucking Battlefield" commences ripping the resonating speakers you kind of putting off in the field with the fighting bodies. Five songs. Five long-winded songs are sometimes all you ever need to travel through different realities. Well, I bet Weakling can offer you a bitter one.

Miltos XIC

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