RUINED FAMILIES "Four Wall Freedom" (DIY)

Miss Catharsis at all? Just in case you believe that the mentioned band is one of the few, true HC acts ever existed (cuz I do) I dare you try this one out. Ruined Families gonna kick the shit out of you, that's a promise. "Four Wall Freedom" is the first sample of this Greek quintet and contains eight short hymns influenced mostly of technical hardcore music as taught by Catharsis (mainly) and each one of the tracks could be part of the latter's opus, "Passion". Their influences also extend to some even newer hardcore-based sets like Cursed (R.I.P.) and as the band's members claim bands like Celtic Frost, Nirvana and Interpol are among their favorites as well. Their music is direct and fires on! The lyrics reminded me a lot the writing style of C. Colohan and raise chords of a corrupt society. Their singer expresses himself in stressful ways and is much passionate. Songs like the introducing "Modern Man", "Visual Pain" and the album's closure, "Patriarchy" are so inspired that allow us to talk already about the birth of a shocking band which could deservedly represent the HC scene in global levels. The suspicious music enthusiasts have already discovered RF outburst and it'd be wise if you did this, too. For Greece is a country which provides not at ease the best for its artists and it'd be a shame if you'd missed this great piece of music when it withers. This band needs AND deserves your support. So well done, boys.

Miltos XIC

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