THE HOWLING WIND "Pestilence & Peril" (Profound Lore)

It turns out to be something really difficult to discern the differences between “res cogitans” Ryan Lipynsky’s two main (if I’m allowed to consider them that way) bands. I speak, of course, for Unearthly Trance and The Howling Wind (reincarnation of mighty Thralldom). The nihilistic borders that differ one from another are way too elusive after all. The band’s black metal is of ancient times, based on the heritage of both Darkthrone and Celtic Frost. Like moving on thin ice, the record’s atmosphere is so aclinic like two hands that have grabbed your throat but never give you salvation. Thick spit. Ryan’s ability in writing fucking great riffs have been since long ago acknowledged through Unearthly Trance but this excretion will gift you an almost mesmeric mood. It is almost settled in USA’s black metal heritage as one of its diamonds, in fact. Songs like “Virulence 33″ could be part of Nachtmystium’s last opus. Painted with less psychedelic colours, of course. The truth is that the album is well functioned as a whole. Once you listen to it from the beginning to its very end, you might be dragged into its abyss. The “The Inevitable Conclusion” track is a Gehenna basifugal creation and somehow sums up the record’s substance. One slight disability is the lack in bass’s presence as it can be at least described as meagre. If it was mixed a bit more up, I think, it would add to the album’s atmosphere (Vikernes ever tunes it the right way) without losing its frost at all. Anyway, “Pestilence & Peril” is a tricky experience for someone to live. For sure, it is hostile and kind of inaccesible. For those who dare, though, the price shall be an harlequin trip through malevolence. It’s worth trying.

Miltos XIC

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