BAG A HEAD "Self-titled" (Trailblazer)

To begin gradationally with this record’s analysis, I could say the following: From the depths of the deeper slime comes a titanic death metal riff which evolves into a grind rumble accompanied by so inspired vocal lines. Some time, in the middle of the EP’s first song, the compositive ability of the band members allows a beautiful post lapse that respectively gives space to a more thrashy riff for the end of it. Continuing, my personal favourite of this EP -named “Unconscious Beliefs”- begins to dawn. This track is of gigantic diastasis. Smartly played, a non hi-tech grind, it has the ability to be printed in the memories as if it’s some popular song. The track’s ending riff, though, may be the one Entombed haven’t been inspired of since 1997. SUBLIME! The remaining three tracks of the record don’t veer away from the musical motif of the two prelusive ones. The one exception may be the record’s ending wherein the band plays a punk hybrid below the death metal prism, with various vocal participations hooliganizing key-words between the so beautifully placed lyrics. An outstanding release -first sample of work- by one band which MUST have some company’s support and the death metal fans’ support also. We hope they’re going to soon release, at last, a full-length album equal to the featured release. The fact that they share the same drummer along with Extreme Violence may awaken some. Maybe few. It doesn’t matter anyway since they are an ensemble of merits. And that is something you can’t claim for many who chose similar ways to act vagrancies. Something you can’t claim for most of them, in fact.

Miltos XIC - 16/20

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