SUN OF NOTHING "...And Voices, Words, Faces, Complete the Dream" (Blastbeat Mailmurder / Damaged Productions)

“We shall fill you with noise”. We’re talking about the 2002-2003 era when, besides what Bill Kouligas was practising through his noise activities (noise is a scene followed by few and I hardly consider myself as a partisan of it), four fearless guys choose a 14 minutes noise creation to open their debut album. Something must be going on with those guys… And indeed, this is proved when you listen to their mesmeric epic “Impact” where the identity of Sun of Nothing begins to become clear. The instruments hypnotize you and Ilias (vocalls) inhales anxiousness in a completely twisted way. Be welcome! Simple chords played may be the reason that any song seems at least dupe. But Sun of Nothing have well studied the mood of the average extreme sound fan and in their song “Kick” they provide us with one more small masterpiece. Simple and beautiful (or not so anyway). Its last riff may be considered as a stoner riff or is it in my mind? For sure, so let’s see… “Pure Reality (The Revenge)”. This is kind of doom, huh? Does Dani Filth cover Saint Vitus or so? What about a grind havoc with majestic atmosphere? What d’you think of that? Couldn’t this be possible? Check out Forgardur Helvitis the quickest the better. Continuingly, stoner prevails once more, and that’s a good transition in order to conclude to the song’s initial grand riff. The “The Misery Complex” track ensues. Its start is found through mess whereupon comes an original norwegian black metal riff (of 2nd era) that gives space to a sludge theme behind of which black metal riff-ology is continued, accompanying a down-tempo part in fact. Yes, it is among the greatest tracks off of this album. Truly remarkable.

This kind of blathering could be continued for evermore. Besides, this might be what the members of the band ever seeked for. Such records have no opponents. They hardly have fellows. If you manage to shed off any compunction that’s oppressing your substance, then you will pleasantly lose the fight with the mentioned album. Do not expect to love it or hate it. It is more crabbed and strange than a thousan Skroutzs gathered around your close enviroment. I don’t know what the base of the band is that forced those guys to create something so out of this world. The result is a brutal, blasphemer and misanthropic record. Don’t think of it as something negative. When you decide to LISTEN to the presented masterpiece, it might become a bit more necessary that you thought it could. Extremity through unknown dimensions. Finishing, I’d say this: Think about the fresh blood which is almost dripping from the knife. The sound interceding until the blood drop falls on the ground couldn’t be other than “And Voices, Words, Faces Complete the Dream” in all of its size. This is the most important and best album ever released by greeks for the undersigned. My respects. I have no further arguments to make you buy this shit. Like they wrote: “Out of space, there is no salvation for me.”

Miltos XIC - 17/20

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